Field Kitchen at the Nuthurst Community Allotment

Sal White, Cooks Farm, November 2020

We have big plans. Having made the first step towards creating a functioning and fruitful allotment (pulling out all the weeds from the greenhouse if you must know….well, we’ve got to start somewhere), we are now looking forward to the seventy-fourth step (falling somewhere after recruiting a bunch of enthusiastic allotmenteers, planting a load of seed and harvesting the bountiful produce from our raised beds) of setting up a field kitchen. Literally, a kitchen in the field. Or perhaps a kitchen in the paved bit in the middle of the greenhouse. We should probably call it the Paved Kitchen. Hmm, I quite like that. 

So anyway, the Paved Kitchen idea comes from the fact that we love cooking and eating. We also know that we will have lots of produce that we will have put a lot of effort into growing and therefore won’t be even the slightest bit interested in letting even one tiny carrot go to waste. 

The Kitchen will work alongside the veg boxes that the allotmenteers will take home in exchange for their enthusiastic veg tending. It’ll be a way to raise funds to plough back into the allotment and to generally raise awareness of what the earth can produce, food miles, bio-diversity, insect-diversity, seasonality, healthy soil and deliciousness of organic food type stuff. 

The Paved Kitchen will also be a great way to get the children from Nuthurst’s St Andrew’s primary school even more involved in the allotment and further their education in how to feed themselves with real food in a tasty way. 

Anywho, we had better get on with step two and three (building a rabbit/deer proof fence around the allotment and tilling the earth using a tractor contraption) whilst planning the Paved Kitchen menu. 

Who’s in?

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