Lowly Worm and Babbity Bumble

Jonathan, Bulls Farm, January 2021

Two of the most important creatures in the allotment world are Lowly Worm and Babbity Bumble.

Lowly turns dead leaves and other similar stuff into fertile soil by making worm casts and at the same time aerates the soil, so that oxygen can get to the roots of plants, and the little tunnels he makes as he works away drain the soil, so that when it rains the water sinks into the ground instead of flooding everything.

Babbity helps to pollinate the flowers on the veggie plants – especially beans and peas – so that the seed pods set and turn into edible food for us to eat.

So, treat Lowly and Babbity with respect and make sure they’re well looked after. Babbity nests in holes in the ground and under the foundations of old buildings, so don’t go around stopping up these in a fit of tidiness, and please make sure that Lowly has plenty of old vegetable matter to chomp on. They’ll reward you many times over.

Babbity and her other pollinator mates will fly to our allotment if we grow plants to attract them. It’s a good idea to have a wildflower area or two, and we could sow some native wildflower seedballs which we can buy from Beebombs.com – a great website to visit.

Cumfrey is a fantastic plant to grow in a veggie garden, and it thrives in any old corner or on the edge of the allotment. Its flowers attract pollinators and you can make an organic liquid feed from the leaves, which you dilute with water in a watering can, it’s very good for tomatoes and most other plants. We’ve got a lot of cumfrey in our veggie garden, so I’ll bring some up to plant in the allotment, and a container of liquid feed to get us started.

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