For a modest annual fee, you and your family can have the opportunity to come to the allotment and grow salads and fruit in the glasshouses and vegetables outside. When the produce is ready for picking, you will be able to share the harvests with the other allotmenteers.

St Andrews School in the village are already involved; we have dedicated a raised bed in the glasshouse and an area outside for the school kids to take care of and therefore develop a better understanding of where their food comes from and what the soil in the UK can produce. Once we set up the community cafe on site, the children will be able to learn how to prepare, cook and, most importantly, enjoy eating the vegetables that they harvest.

We’re getting rather excited about growing fairly exotic fruit in one of the sections of the glasshouse. And when I say rather excited…I mean VERY excited.

Let us know if you are fairly excited about our growing project too….

Download the Membership form here…

Read the notes from our first General Meeting here…

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