Nuthurst Community Allotment

(Hungry citizens of Nuthurst Parish grow their own fruit & veg)

In a lovely spot in West Sussex on the old site of Architectural Plants (world famous exotic plant pioneers…look ’em up) a community allotment is taking shape. Interested?

What On Earth Are We Doing?

Watch us build a fruit & veg patch to end all fruit & veg patches (fruit patch? Is that a thing? Well it is now). We want to create a sociable place for people from all corners of Nuthurst Parish (and beyond) to get together and grow organic (but most importantly; delicious) produce in a sustainable way. None of your artificial fertilisers, insecticides or weedkillers. We want as wide a variety of veg as we possibly can, in order to create high insect diversity and healthy soil…..with lots of worms in it. Yum.

The allotment is a 7.5 second walk (rough estimate for little legs) from St Andrew’s School in Nuthurst and the headteacher and staff are beside themselves with enthusiasm for the project. An after-school gardening club will provide the children with a wholesome education in the good stuff that the earth can produce. In our minds there isn’t anything as important for children to learn. They’ll also be quite useful….tilling the soil and such.

We will set up a field kitchen on site in which to produce meals from any remaining fruit and veg that hasn’t been delivered to local residents/taken home by allotmenteers (yes it’s a word)/shnaffled (again, yes) by the kids. Profits from the delivered produce as well as the meals will be ploughed (sorry) straight back into the allotment. No profit. Just deliciousness.

Who On Earth Are We?

We’re a bunch of locals who want to grow mind-blowingly delicious produce and bring the whole community along for the ride. We want to feed as many people as we can from this smallish patch of West Sussex and create a nice place where people can learn and grow and socialise.

Please Get Involved

Whether you are a local resident who is desperate for a bit of land to tend, a local business owner who likes our plans and wants to support us (emotionally and/or financially) or a mega foodie who has always dreamed of growing the most delicious variety of Kohlrabi/Dulse/Fiddleheads/Okinawan Purple Sweet Potato known to man/wo-man, then look no further. Get in touch and let us know whether you are interested in becoming an allotmenteer, a sponsor, a taste-tester or just a general helpful type person. Everyone is welcome. That’s kinda the point.

  • Delicious
  • Sustainable
  • Seasonal
  • Sociable

Where To Find The Allotment

Directly behind the Black Horse pub car park in Nuthurst.

If you are coming in to Nuthurst from Monk’s Gate, take the first left after the pub car park and immediately turn left again.

RH13 6LH

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